Clear cut spraying

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Stop the spraying of Monsanto's controversial VisionMax herbicide in the Boreal Forest in Northern Ontario 


The boreal forest is an extremely important ecosystem throughout Ontario and Canada. It provides habitat for many threatened and endangered species, contains a range of culturally significant sites, and provides numerous timber and non-timber forest products (such as blueberries) to local people.


Many forest management companies use glyphosate herbicides, including Monsanto's VisionMax, within the boreal to reduce the growth of plants that compete with trees grown for logging. In Canada, plans to spray Monsanto's VisionMax on Sturgeon Lake, Hwy 599 up to Silver DOLLAR, behind Ignace Golf Course and other forests in northwestern Ontario have been approved. The spraying of forests directly coincides with peak blueberry season, leaving berry pickers and many wildlife species at risk of exposure to the herbicide. While the full effects of VisionMax on humans and wildlife are not entirely known, negative impacts of these herbicides have been increasingly documented through scientific research. These effects include increased reproductive issues, changes in species abundance and its recent designation as "probably carcinogenic" by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (World Health Organization, 2015). The risks of spraying VisionMax during peak blueberry season affect Indigenous and other local foragers. This spraying is killing our Bees, birds, our wildlife, including moose and bears, that rely on these plants in their diets.


Help us stop the spraying of Monsanto's VisionMax in northwestern Ontario to protect our plants, our wildlife and our people from exposure to this product.