Ban plastic straws across Beirut

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Every day, a dangerous amount of plastic straws are used across restaurants and cafes in Beirut. With the Mediterranean Sea right next to us, we are contributing to water pollution, the untimely death of innocent marine life due to plastic ingestion, and global warming. Plastic straws cannot be recycled and never biodegrade. All of these issues are not only harmful to the fate of our planet, but also our health. Therefore, plastic straws must be banned across restaurants and cafes in Beirut, otherwise, the reality of there being more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050 will continue to inch closer day by day. 

I am working with a few restaurants to ban plastic straws and serve biodegradable paper straws on demand instead, however, this is an urgent matter and your help will make the change happen faster! We need justice for our health, justice for marine life, and justice for the planet we call home!

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