Let's support Amcel bulldozing houses in Amazonas, to produce firewood for Denmark!

Let's support Amcel bulldozing houses in Amazonas, to produce firewood for Denmark!

29 February 2020
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Ministry of Energy in Denmark
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rational Intuitive IVS (Denmark)

Amcel, who is owned by NipponPaperGroup , and both of whom, on their home page are talking about how they have a social world view, are apparently bulldozing people's homes in the Amazon, such that Amcel can plant trees for business, which they now sell to Denmark such that Danish people can fire up their houses with this wood. 

Here is a link to the article written by renown Danish TV station TV2 - they are known for their truthful documentaries:

It is such a great thing to plant trees for business and chase families away, so, I am hereby proposing that we send some backing up to the great company - maybe we can make a donation to Amcel and Nippon Paper Group, such that they can continue this phenomenal business model. 

They are making good use of this trick that if someone who are indigenous people, don't have PAPER which is DOCUMENTING their belonging to this land, then they can just be coerced, forced, maimed to move from their ancestral land, such that these humanitarian organisations who so so so much wants to produce GREEN WOOD, and help the rich western world COMPENSATE for their CO2 exhausts, can be strengthened. 

For more evictions: Join forces and let us send some money to Amcel.

For more bulldozings: Join forces - let us find an entrepreneurs in the Amazonas, who can speed up the flattening of people's homes. 

For more violence: Let us teach these guys from Amcel, how they can make their wood pieces with nails more efficient so that they can maim these people for life. 

Well. If you are not outrageous - then you may not have read the entire article. 

Please, please, please - do what ever you can within YOUR network to find out more. Denmark cannot be the only one buying wood pellets from Amcel. 


Rational Intuitive (Denmark) (We do solar concentrators, as replacement of firewood, but we do not know how to work for the improvements of Amazon Indigenous people's livelihood under these terrible, unacceptable conditions. Please help...)

David Svarrer


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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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