NOC for Import of used mfd's to save lakhs of jobs running small photocopy/print shops.

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Registration No. 1835/2018

MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology)  has notified goods under “Electronics and IT Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order (CRO), 2012, with powers conferred by section 10(1)(p) of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act 1986.

The Jt Secretary of MeitY had written a letter on dated 06/12/2016 to customs informing them that the CRO 2012 applies universally to all notified products after the date of coming into effect of the Order. The repaired/refurbished/second-hand items, if notified, also require registration under the provision of the Order or to seek Exemption Letter from MEITY under the Electronics and IT Goods (CRO) order 2012.


The Customs authorities have been detaining the shipments of SECOND-HAND MULTIFUNCTION DEVICES and have not been clearing the goods for over a year now.

The MNC’s with deep financial pockets Lobby hard to Influence the officials of various government departments to make the policies in their favor which creates their Monopoly thus eliminating healthy competition & trans-border violations of competition rules which results in an increase in there profits multiple times, Hence it is Anti-poor.


Our Association members have met the officers of Meity presenting our case and requesting them for guidelines to register our second-hand goods with BIS or provide an exemption letter from MeitY,

After many reminders, repeated requests, meetings and regular perusal of the matter with Meity have not provided any relief to our Imports which has pushed our small industry into depression affecting the livelihood of crores of people.


  1. As consequences of this small traders are facing financial hardship for past one year like Unpaid Rents, Unpaid Salaries to their Employees & Business Loans etc. Lakhs of Skilled Technicians & Unskilled workers employed with traders, service industry providing their technical services for maintenance of these second mfd’s to customers not only in tier I & II cities but also in interiors rural of the country will become Unemployed very soon.
  2. The livelihood of Crores of people comprising of who earn bread for themselves and their families by making photocopies at Rs 1/- from their tiny kiosk are looking at bleak future after having providing their services for decades and earning the livelihood for their families.
  3. Lakhs of Skilled & Unskilled workers employed with domestic factories manufacturing essential consumables and parts needed for the maintenance of these MFD’s, set up in last 20 years are also facing bleak future as the demand for their goods is falling rapidly in last few months and may face closure.


With a cheaper cost of the second hand MFD’s, also easy availability of the spare parts and consumables along with doorstep service, the JUDICIAL & EDUCATIONAL SECTOR are the biggest beneficiaries of low copy and print costs.


We would also like to bring into the notice of people that these MFD’s are not manufactured in India and are imported from overseas to meet the domestic demand.

Considering the above facts we request you to sign this petition for supporting our cause to make respected officers of the MeitY to consider the above submission on a lenient note to grant the Permission/NOC for Import of heavy duty commercial Used MFD’s of A3 size under any guidelines.

Best regards,

R. K. Mohan (President)


Municipal No. 54, Shop No. 03, Bri Mohan Marg, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002