Extenstion for ALL PG-Diploma Courses Conducted in CDAC Institutes all over India

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Hello Sir/Madam,

This mail is regarding the commencement of online classes for all PG-Diploma courses. With all due respect, we, the students of PG-Diploma course from various institute all across India, do not support this idea. Please have a look at the following reasons why we would not like to have online sessions:

1. The kind of training curriculum we have does not make sense if commenced online. We wouldn’t be able to perform practicals simultaneously while the theory is being taught, and that defeats the purpose of this professional training.

2. Most of us do not have conducive environments for taking online classes, for example, good network connection, capable devices.

3. This is a six-months course meant to be preparing us for competitive core jobs and overall good careers in the long run. Taking a month or two (as the current situation indicates) out of these six months and converting them into an online session would not be good for the original motive of this course. It would take away the quality of classroom teaching and interactive experience which CDAC is renowned for.

4. Even if the course does not lag much because of the online sessions, due to current economic situations, it would be very difficult to get a job for which we are being trained.

5. Since all of us had high expectations from this training experience, we request that the core structure of this course, which makes CDAC stand out from other educational institutions, should not be altered due to online sessions.

6. Since the students have a lot at stake here, we urge you to consider the fact that only the completion of syllabus to make sure the course does not lag should not be the priority.

7. Conducting online courses is a complex process and needs a lot of time and errors to be perfected. With the stress of the current crisis on the students, we would request you to not have us subjected to the trial and error process of this online session as well.

8. We would very much like to be assured that if at all the online classes were being conducted, they would not replace our classroom experience. Hence we request you to extend the course by the time period lost due to this pandemic, as even 10-15 days extension to cover up such huge syllabus in already tight schedule will lead to poor method of delivery and understanding of difficult topics.

9. We understand that the institute wants us to be engaged and to not lose track due to this unprecedented break. And we would like to stay busy with assignments and constructive learning methods. But we sincerely request you to not compromise the classroom teaching with online classes.

Please consider all these points put out on behalf of all of us from various PG-Diploma courses. We would really appreciate it if you could make a decision in light of all our concerns.

Thank you,

PG-Diploma Feb-2020 Batch