Allow all the Authorized CSC centers to print AADHAR E-KYC PVC CARDS

Allow all the Authorized CSC centers to print AADHAR E-KYC PVC CARDS

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Piyush Agarwal started this petition to Ministry Of Electronics and Information Technology and

As known to all CSC (Common Services Centers) services were started to improve access to technology and digital services for citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. 

 They focus on delivering essential government and public utility services, social welfare schemes, financial services, education and skill development courses, health and agriculture services and digital literacy. These services reach common people through VLEs, Village Level Entrepreneur who are allocated by the CSC e-governance.

Csc being ONE of the authenticated user agency of UIDIA to provide AADHAAR SERVICES such as AADHAAR ENROLLMENT,E-KYC,E-KYC PVC CARDS ,DEMOGRAPHIC UPDATES , has done 446.79 million cumulative authorized transactions till date. It was an easy way for the common man to avail Aadhaar services without much agony as any person could easily get Aadhar cards from nearest CSC centers in their village/town. But, due to misuse of the service by many private net centers and some voracious VLES this service was shutdown in many states by UIDAI because they burgled the common man charging extra amount for the Aadhaar services.

WE strongly urge the UIDAI to over look the fault of the VLES and start up the AADHAAR E-KYC PVC CARD printing in all the CSC centers so that the people who haven’t received their Aadhaar cards yet or have lost their Aadhaar cards can get their PVC cards printed easily at the CSC centers.

Among all the authorized centers, Csc has the benefit of printing the Aadhaar card just through capturing the finger print or entering the OTP that was generated on the customers registered mobile numbers. The VLES have no access to view or edit the details of the person so; there was no question of manipulating the data on Aadhaar cards.

We also request you to allow us to provide us a provision through which we can also update only mobile numbers of the customer’s .As it is an easy way to print PVC Aadhaar cards by generating OTP on the mobile number. You can charge a minimal amount which is declared commonly among all the states so that there is no loot in the name of Aadhaar cards.

We also cannot forget the fact that most of the VLES who provide the CSC services to people aren’t very prosperous. They have bought the PVC card machines either via loan or by borrowing money. It’s sad that after taking so much pain to bring such an expensive machine, it is of no use to the VLE’S and they are suffering great loss.

We request you to devise a system through which you can track the exact no of cards printed by the authorized VLE. To overcome the problem of duplication of Aadhaar or illegal vending of Aadhar, the UIDAI can appoint an official who can provide BLANK PVC aadhar cards with HOLOGRAM and serial numbers (a procedure similar to stamp paper vendor). This process would eliminate the vending of duplicate /edited Aadhaar cards and stand as a standard proof of identity which isn’t manipulated.

These cards can be used as genuine identity as they have hologram and can be decisively used by authorities in banks and other institutions as valid proof of a person’s identity and address proof.

I am starting this petition with a hope that the UIDAI understands the problems of common man and start the PVC CARD system with hologram and serial number in the CSC CENTERS. which, would bring a halt to all the centers that are taking advantage of the innocent people and looting excess money from them and bring relief to the VLE’S who have invested in PVC card machines.

Please join me in this cause so that the provision of Aadhaar cards becomes standardized and easy to every common man.



VLE, CSC e-governance


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!