Whangarei Intermediate School bus for Onerahi Students

Whangarei Intermediate School bus for Onerahi Students

28 February 2021
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Started by Serena Tohu
  1. ATTN: Parents of Whangarei Intermediate students who have kids that live in Onerahi. I have emailed the following to the
    Ministry of Education (enquiries.whangarei@education.govt.nz)

I ask that everyone else does the same. I am aware these issues have been raised before to no success and I employ that we do not give up until our tamariki have a SAFE Way to and from school. 

I would like to draw some attn to some serious concerns around the fact that Whangarei Intermediate students who live in Onerahi do not have the option of a school bus.

There has been occasions where children have been turned down from the city link bus because it has been too full. Leaving vulnerable children to be left at a bus stop alone until the next bus.

Strangers / other adults and non students are on these buses around our children which I feel is inappropriate for us as parents to have to accept just because your protocols are backwards.

Our 10, 11 and 13 Yr olds are children and just because there is public transport available does not mean this should be their only way to school. They are not allowed to be left home alone as is the law so why would this be an appropriate option for them?.

I would like this issue addressed again as I am aware multiple other parents and the school have brought this up previously to no success.

My own daughter has anxiety now and is afraid to catch the bus from our closest bus stop because she doesn't want to be told that the bus is full and then be left alone on the side of the road alone. Open for predators. Only just recently there was a scare of a student being followed by a strange man and Onerahi kids deserve a school bus and to feel safe.


Please email the Ministry of Education and sign the petition. 


Support now
Signatures: 1,050Next goal: 1,500
Support now

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