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Critical cases of primary student abuses have been reported on media, police, PPD, and JPN with no actions taken against the bully teachers and HMs who only seek to cover up cases with lies. No one wants to take responsibility, instead the children are blamed and victimised. Recent cases Sekolah Tamil Maha Ganesa Viddyasalai Kampung Selamat , Setiawan Perak where the Year Two students were blamed by the school for the hot water seriously scalding 4 students in the laboratory, a 7 year old boy slapped on both side of faces for carrying a partner wrongly in SJKT Keruh and his family attacked by political thugs for reporting, a case from Sg Pinang where teacher beat up a Year Two student, then threw a shoe at her and splashed her with water bottle just to name a few. Why police and PPD jointly do not seem to take action is a mystery that can only be answered by those responsible for this lack of action and responsibility. But enough is enough. Parents need to know that their children are in safe caring hands when they leave their children at the school gates and rush of to work and other duties. Children have a right to proper education and safety while in school. Parents do not want to leave their beloved children at the hands of bully teachers and molesters in a system run by many HMs who has no integrity to confront abusers under their supervision. PPD needs to address abusive teachers more seriously than giving them promotions and transferring them elsewhere. The Ministry of Education, Malaysia owe a duty of care and accountability to parents who trust them with their children. We also urge Suhakam look into this matter seriously than just writing a letter to MOE and receiving a letter of denials and filing it. We urge the MOE to appoint a task force to really get down to  the centre of abuse cases in many primary schools and talk to students privately in the absence of their teachers, talk to parents and investigate this matter as children are the most valuable investment a government can make and how they are treated now will determine the quality of future generations that will run this country.  We urge Tun Mahathir as the PM, a father and grandfather to please take the interest of little Malaysian children to his heart and address this matter and stop the abusing from coming a full circle.   

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