Mandate Fire and Safety Education

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In the recent events of fire in Surat around 20 young talents have lost their lives.

Although it was noticed that there were several failures on preventive system audits and organizations, I and all those parents believes that there should be a mandate for making fire and safety education a compulsion as an education in all the levels of study.

Every child should be made aware on how to save themselves in case of emergencies such as fire, electronic shocks, heart attack, allergies, earth quakes etc. What one should always do in order to minimize the loss of life and properties.

This education should be made necessary in all the level of life including schools, collages and offices. Also that this education should not be limited with chapters and in books but should be demonstrated and practiced at regular intervals.

Please sign this petition and lets make fire and safety a necessary thing and let's save our future generations from making their life vulnerable to things which can be prevented with basic knowledge and regular practice.