Demand for highschools to have a self defense course that also teaches consent and sex ed

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The change I would like to instill in BC's education system is to implement a high school course that teaches self defense and self empowerment and consent and sex ed for those who are straight and LGBTQ+ becaue for far too long society has not been able to teach others what consent truly is. Leaving people unsure where to draw the line thus, allowing people who leave highschool and enter college/university unsure leading to the many cases of sexual assault that the university/college try to cover up. I no longer want to live in a society that enables the rape culture to go on at uni/college because as a female in my last year of highschool about to enter uni/college it is a scary feeling knowing that sexual assault might happen to me. Therefore if highschools have a course such as this it might teach those who are unsure what consent is and maybe decrease the number of sexual assault cases occuring at universities and colleges. If you also believe in this please support this change by signing this petition.