Renew Academic Year 2020

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We are demanding that the Government of India and the Ministry of Education start over the academic year or continue from where we have left off in 2021, as the current online classes we have are of hardly any use.

They are rigorous, ineffective and have an adverse effect on our mental and physical health. Many students are either falling into depression, lacking the motivation to study, or aren’t performing to their full potential. Moreover, many students of the rural population are unfairly missing even basic access to these classes.

Skipping semesters, automatic promotion and reduction of syllabi are temporary solutions that don’t address the problem, and moreover won’t help us later on. And considering the rising amount of COVID cases everyday, it will be life-threatening to reopen schools and colleges this year even if careful norms are followed.

We plead you to take our dilemma into account, start over or continue the year in 2021 and cancel the current online classes across all grades. We are putting our careers and our lives into your hands.