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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000! is a 100% FREE French platform created by certified teachers to provide students, parents, and other teachers with engaging and fun French educational content. currently provides 100+ French lessons, 10 free French/Bilingual books, educational French videos, French audiobooks, French games, and more. As the Covid-19 pandemic forces schools to remain closed, hundreds if not thousands of Ontario's French teachers are scrambling for French resources without adequate support or materials. pledges that it will ALWAYS be a free platform so as to respond to the needs of EVERYONE, regardless of their financial situation. It was founded in March 2020 to respond to the very high demand for French resources, and a lack of support and French materials for kids and their teachers. has received exactly $0.00 in funding thus far, and is funded entirely by a single French Immersion teacher who pays for every expense out of pocket and has committed more than 1200 hours to developing the site and its resources since March 2020. Several other teachers and other team members have generously volunteered their time to the site in various capacities, but there is nonetheless a tremendous amount of work and costs placed on a single teacher with no funding. Any funds acquired through grants or other means would be allocated to buying necessary equipment and hiring a team, notably a web editor, a French editor, and a freelance book illustrator. has received more than 20 letters of support from teachers in various school boards, and more than 30 letters from students and parents. Hundreds of students and teachers have used the platform every single week, and these numbers are sure to increase.  

Signing this petition will demonstrate public support for, and facilitate acquiring funds in its future grant applications and funding requests. This petition aims to receive a minimum of 3200 signatures from teachers, parents, students, principals, and other members of the community. 

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