Pay School CCA Coaches & Instructors

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Since March, CCA in schools has been shut down. This means that coaches & instructors have effectively been laid off. It has been a horrible time, especially not knowing what lies ahead. Nothing has been communicated to us. No money incoming. Not a care in the world from any governing bodies.

However, unlike a normal furlough, money designated for payment to coaches & instructors have been budget into a school's annual expenses. This is, therefore, money sitting in it's coffers waiting to be distributed. 

School heads have reassured coaches & instructors that there will be an opportunity to conduct make-up sessions to collect on the lost hours. Why not do the reverse? Pay us first, then conduct the extra sessions. The money is already there as it is.

The model would be to pay us the amount we would have collected based on the planned CCA schedule. i.e. if we were scheduled to have 20 hours of CCA, then pay us that 20 hours. This is not money that MOE would be losing, it is money that has been budgeted. The lost sessions can then be rescheduled for a later time.

I hope that MOE (and the Ministry of Finance) can understand the difficulties we are going through (just like the rest of the nation). The difference being, we are requesting for the release of funds that have already been allocated to us, in exchange for the service to be executed at a later date. 

Thank you.