No more exclusion in classrooms for children with special needs

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Children with special education needs according to the Education Act are those who have one or more behavioural, communicational, intelluctual or physical exceptionalities that needs to be placed in the special education program. Many schools are taking illegal actions towards these students. Exclusion from program, classrooms and activities are what many students with special needs encounter on the daily basis because they're not getting the proper support that they need and are expected to recieve. 

Over 270000 students are affected by this within 72 public schools in Ontario, the fact that also their has been 2.2 billion dollars set for special needs programs but are not used wisely. 

We believe that educators need more mandatory workshops that train them to better benefit the students who tend to be excluded. Educators should use school learning disability standard training and specialize teachers more effectivlty in classes.  

By doing this petition we tend to prove the importance of this important and how drastic this change has to be. 

Please sign this petition if you believe that everychild should have an equal right to education and no student should feel excluded!!