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Mindfulness and meditation in school to lower aggression and bullying.

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As a parent I have seen how the school system is ATTEMPTING to assist children with behavioural problems and mostly failing.  They punish by removal of choices, issolation out side on the step/deck, lines ya ya ya.  None of this stuff is working .  Kids are more savvy and thier new skill sets include manipulation .  So much access to technology and now a requirement in schools.  All this makes this a losing battle to gain control in the classroom by the teacher and self control by the students. Kids lives are so full of extra curricular activities and then add the influence of technology and the affect of that on these growing minds.  We now have 10 and 11 year old cutting to get attention.....This is not and should not be seen as normal.  we have Children swearing at the teacher and bystanding students witnessing all this as normal.  I am not AGAINST the problem child but for the clearing of the mind of all that periferal stuff that is causing stress and in turn causing bad behaviour choices. Children calling out for attention and having to cut to get it.  As a mum of four Its scary that my youngest is the one seeing all this .he has been a victim of many bullying situation and self esteem is needing work everyday.  It works to help him make better choices and be kind in the midst of this chaos he faces daily.  He is High Functioning aspergers and a little different he will always be different so we help him by meditation and being mindful of thoughts and attitudes.  Im proud of who he is and believe without meditation he too could be a bully as he has been bullied for the last5 years many times.  he has been to 3 different schools and it a different level of the same stuff.  Something needs to change.NOW!!!!!!


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