Reduce fees for Academic year 2020-21

Reduce fees for Academic year 2020-21

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A Request to Education Ministry of Maharashtra and central goverment of India, 

Due to his pandemic situation for the Year 2020-21, every school has decided to collect the full fees and they will provide Online classes.With  this operational expenditure of schools will be reducing significantly

Due to this, parents have to spend additional expenses of internet data pack and also buying of new gadgets (PC/Laptop/Tab/Speaker/Headphones etc as giving mobile to our kids is no solution for longer run).We have burden of paying fees buying new gadgets and accessories during this pandemic situation.

Role of School staff has reduced by more than 50% because of this online education both CW School work (including corrections ). Home work and Revision has now become a part of Parents Supervision and responsibilities and we have to help children  and our own work both official and both household duties. This is impacting work life balance of parents and children are also having increased irritating behaviour due to added screen time.

Screen time for the children have increased drastically. In addition, school will not have to bear cost of all the extra-carricular activities.

As per the current situation of Covid-19 in Maharashtra none of the school will start functioning till September or May be Further and we parents are hurried and asked to pay the school fees for the whole year. Many schools have taken the first installment as well.

In addition to all of this the effectiveness of the online model is under severe questions as we feel schools are not well equipped to adapt to this model and are putting onus on parents for not managing this effectively.

I request Maharashtra Education Minister to look into the issue at earliest and give your Valuable opinion on School Fees. The situation due to pandemic is such that many parents have lost the job due to reduction of the workforce at their workplace. Also many professionals are searching for the jobs. Effects of slow economy is seen in multiple sectors.

I request everyone to give your opinion what school Management has to do, how they should take forward the classes, how much fees to be charged for Online classes, what support you seek from Government so that we overcome this situation.

We are not against paying fees but we request the Government, Maharashtra  Education Ministry, School Management, School Trustee to reduce the fees to 50% and support everyone at this pandemic situation.

Please circulate this message to all parents whose kids and if you agree on  above points