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Lesser school hours and for school to start later in Singapore.

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Majority of the students in Singapore are sleep deprived. They stay up late to finish their homework after coming home late from school after long-hours. Sleep deprivation also leads to many health problems. These are the years when it is important that youth get sufficient sleep for their bodies and brains to fully develop. With lack of sleep, a student's ability to retain information is also affected. 

School hours should also be shortened. Students spend almost the whole day in school throughout the week, due to co-curriculum activities and extra lessons. It has become their second home. Who wants their second home to be a school? It is important that students have the time to rest and relax outside of school, be it at home or out with family members or friends. It is important that they have the time to build strong relationships at home, which is practically impossible if they spend an average of 9 hours of their day in school, making it back in time only for dinner. Long hours in school also prevents students from developing their other interests. This stage of their lives is when their interest sparks in something that they could possibly turn into a vocation. It is something that requires time, something that students are currently clearly deprived of.

Secondly, school should not start so early. Studies have shown that the sleep hormones in a teenager are released at 10.45 pm and stop only at 8 am. For this reason, some schools in America have made the starting time for lessons at 10.00 am. This will ensure that even if school ends late, students who stay up late to finish their homework will still get sufficient sleep because they do not have to wake up so early. On top of that, students will have a more relaxed morning and will be able to have a good breakfast with family members and start their day right. If the starting time of school is to be made later, lessons should still not end any later than 4.00 pm, or even 3.00 pm, if the starting timing is at 10.00 am. I would suggest that school starts at 9.00 am. It's not too late, and not too early.

It is important that students have a school-life balance. Lives do not revolve around education. There's more to life than studies, and the youth of today need the chance to see and experience that.

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