Keep Gerald McShane school open

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On May 9, 2019 the Ministry of Education sent a letter to the English Montreal School Board stating that if an agreement cannot be made between EMSB and CSPI he would put into effect the art. 477.1.1 which gives him the right to take a building from one school board and give it to the other. This would be without any consideration to the children attending the schools. The schools are Gerald McShane elementary school, General Vanier elementary school, and John Paul 1 junior High. He is clearly saying that the needs of one child outweigh the needs of another. 

My child goes to Gerald McShane elementary school. How can her needs for education be outweighed by the needs of another child? I don't want my to lose her school. Please help us keep it open. Please help us tell Mr. Roberge that what he is doing is wrong. He cannot put the needs of some children before others.