Cancellation of CBSE 12th Private/2nd Compartment/Improvement/Patrachar Category Exams

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Cancellation of CBSE 12th Private/2nd Compartment/Improvement/Patrachar Category Exams

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Nishant Mitra started this petition to Shri Narendra Modi (Hon'ble Prime Minister of India) and

Respected Sir,

CBSE had decided to cancel the 12th Board Examination in view of the Covid 19 Pandemic. The decision came after due deliberations with group of experts and the Government. A welcome move which brought millions of smiles to students at large. The same was notified vide its notice Dtd. 01.06.2021. However, in a notification vide no. CBSE/CE/2021 Dtd. 17.06.2021 Titled " Policy for Tabulation of Marks Class XII Board Examinations 2021 " in clause no. 29 CBSE has laid down policy for Private/Patrachar Candidates/ 2nd Compartment candidates,etc. which states exam will be conducted for them when it is conducive.

Hon'ble Sir, I believe this is differentiating private candidates from regular candidates and there is no acceptable rationale behind it to conduct exams for one set of CBSE candidates and not for other set.

Sir, It is to note that private candidates are equally vulnerable to the pandemic situation.

These students are under mental trauma and reeling under uncertainty, stress and are dejected over this arbitrary decision. Many have lost their near and dear ones in Covid 2nd wave. Sir, in the current situation when the situation will become conducive cannot be said with certainty, when a 3rd wave may be lurking around. These students can get infected, can become carriers and infect their families as well. CBSE has left these students with uncertainty and not even released notifications and date sheets when it can conduct exams with certainty and exact dates of result declarations for the exams. In the Hon'ble Supreme Court  in PIL Writ Petition No. 522/ 2021 CBSE has submitted an affidavit stating exams will be conducted in between 15th of August to 15th of September 2021 and with no fixed timeline for results declaration. Sir, these students stand to loose and entire academic year in this scenario as they will missout on admissions, provisional admissions and counselling going on in colleges in India (UGC/Non UGC) and abroad.Many may permanently drop their studies after loosing yet another year.

The CBSE Private students underwent the same difficulties as regular students if not more. Moreover, they didn't have school support for preparations, even private tuitions were closed during state wise lock-downs. It is injustice that CBSE would be differentiating between two sets of its own students for the same board.

When the exam cancellation announcements were done on 1st June 2021 for CBSE 12th Board exams, every child stopped preparing for the boards and instead focussed on Under Graduate level entrance exams for higher studies. Even screenshots were floated on Social Media where in it showed CBSE Controller for Exams Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj had replied to many candidates when asked about Private Compartment Student Exams for Class 12th stating "that all exams for class 10th and 12th is cancelled for this year". The veracity of those messages cannot be confirmed at my end but there was no notification from CBSE denying any such messages. Students thought those messages to be true. Sir, this arbitrary decision as it appears has made the candidates in this Private category of CBSE panicked and dismayed. Most are back to being depressed uncertain of their future. 

Certain State Boards have decided to cancel and promote their Private Candidates based on defined criteria for example Board of Secondary Education, Odisha. Maharastra State Board, etc.

CBSE being a forerunner in terms of number of candidates it hosts each year, acts as a mentor and influencer to many state boards. Such one sided discriminatory decision is unexpected and unbecoming of CBSE. Everyone including myself hold CBSE in high regard. When CBSE couldn't conduct few exams papers in 2020, at that time they evaluated both regular and private candidates based on defined objective criteria so why not this time same method is adopted?

Moreover, all Private Candidates - 2nd Compartment, Failed, Improvement,Patrachar Vidyalaya, all have been regular candidates in the past so their academic performance can be fetched from last attended regular school. There respective schools must have submitted 'LOC' of the students and basis that their Roll No etc. is generated by CBSE. Students can also be evaluated on other criterion like average of marks scored in the subjects already passed in the past CBSE 12th Boards the candidate had appeared in. There can be other methodology adopted so that these candidates have a fair chance of pursuing higher studies without dropping yet another year. CBSE is an expert in this field and I am confident if CBSE wants they have competent experts to develop an alternate methodology which can evaluate the Private candidates without the need of exams.

I humbly request CBSE Board, Hon'ble PMO, Hon'ble Education Ministry to take a stand in favour of the Private/2nd Compartment/ Failed category/Patrachar Vidyalaya students so as to promote equality, protect wellbeing and mental health of the Private students, and bring parity while evaluating Regular and Private students. They should be evaluated similar to the regular candidates and their results should be declared by 31st July 2021 along with regular candidates so that the private category students too get equal opportunities to pursue higher education.


Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Nishant Mitra


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This petition had 413 supporters