Include Mental Health as part of NEP 2020

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The recent spate in student suicides points to the baffling state of mental health in India. Students are a nation's most important asset and if the existing system pressurizes them to the point of ending their lives, it needs a massive overhaul. A vast majority of Indian students live with undiagnosed mental health conditions like depression and even if they are able to recognize it, they do not find the environment supportive enough to seek health. Students and their interests, in general, are largely neglected by the government which is why student suicides never get the attention they need. Though mental health is still a taboo topic in India, we need to start conversations and make mental health a national priority. Including it as part of the ambitious and promising NEP, 2020 will have an undeniable and durable positive impact on the sorry state of affairs that exist right now. We cannot afford to lose any more of our students to suicide. SAVE OUR STUDENTS.