Compulsory Consent Education in New Zealand

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In New Zealand, up to 1 in 3 girls will be sexually
harassed or abused by the time they reach the age of 16.
We can see that this is a problem, and we believe that
the root of it lies with the lack of consent education
in New Zealand schools to combat our society’s rape
culture. Currently, as defined on, the
curriculum for sex education states that “secondary
learners are likely to look at coercion, consent, and
safety in intimate relationships.” This curriculum is
non-committal, and allows schools to avoid the topic of
consent and sexual abuse. For the statistics to change,
the education needs to change.

Our Key Demands
1. For it to be compulsory that consent education be
taught within the sex/health curriculum from
intermediate (Year 7) to Year 13 in all schools
across New Zealand
2. For the compulsory consent education to primarily
address what consent is/isn’t and what it looks like,
and include lessons about sex in the media, porn,
and attitudes towards sex
3. For the current policy to consult with parents about
sex education to be expanded to include consultation
with students regarding their experiences and what
they currently understand about consent

We want this in place by 2020


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