Ban homework from school in Singapore!

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Studies are important, that is why parents send their child to school to educate them. The average duration of most of the schools in Singapore is 8 hours,meaning 8 hours (or more) of sitting down at class listening to the teacher,taking down notes and doing assignments(And after class they even might have cca which increases their time staying in school). And after school ends, they look forward to going home and rest after a long day of school. But, teachers might give them some homework to complete. And different teachers usually give 1 to 2 pieces of homework and they usually have 8-9 teachers. And if every teacher gave them at least 1 homework, they would probably have 8 pieces of homework and some of the teachers may give extra to them or they have projects to do. This shortens their free time and some students may even have tuition and tuition homework. Home is a place to rest or relax after a long day of school and to spend time with your family but homework replaced that time.But if the students wants extra homework as they are weak in a particular subject,then teachers may give some to them to help them in their subjects that they are weak in. I am sure teachers also don't want to mark that many homework that they give. Banning homework will also make teacher's life easier as they have lesser papers to mark and more time to relax at home too.

In conclusion, I say that homework should be banned in Singapore for students and teachers to relax at home and spend time with their family members for a happy and lasting family.