Back to School - Province of Ontario to take Sick Kids Recommendations

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Education Minister Stephen Lecce stated that "mixed" school days are being considered for the 2020-2021 school year in Ontario.  The three scenario plan for returning children to schools across the province, ranging from online learning only to a full resumption of regular class with some distancing measures put in place.. 

As the province begins opening up, many parents will be going back to work. These online and "mixed" school days will not only put undo hardship on parents financially as many will have to send their children to day care in lieu of school. Children will also be deprived of many opportunities not always available to them at home as well as a structured consistent schedule and socialization children need.

Schools provide access to an education for every child in the community, and those that attend school are more likely to be in classrooms with other children that don’t think, act or look exactly like them. Students are more apt to be exposed to students from different cultures and belief systems.  They may learn to work with other students with mental and physical disabilities. The diversity of the student body can be an important learning experience in itself for all of the children that attend school and a staple in preparing them to be functional adults not to mention the mental and emotional effect these changes will have.  The long term effects of these changes will impact family structure, routine and finances possibly bringing further stress to adults.

Further to this, the trusted professionals at Sick Kids hospital have clearly recommended that children return to regular school Programming with a few health recommendations that don’t limit kids being kids!

Please join me in letting our Education Minister  know NOW, not in the fall, that we want our  students back in school come September. No staggered school year, no masks For young ones, no new normal.