Appeal For Retest - PSLE 2021

Appeal For Retest - PSLE 2021

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PSLE 2021. Pupils crying. Appeals for Retest. Covid-19. HBL, LOA, QO. 

Yet, MOE releases the PSLE Papers, leaving most P6s crying, stressed, anxious, worried, given up, upset and having suicidal thoughts. You would also have seen questions in the PSLE Math Paper 2, the coin question in particular, circulating social media. Particularly on Tik Tok, you would also have seen several videos on your "For You" Page, of P6s complaining about PSLE. There were also a few Tik Tok accounts releasing contents that help P6s choose which Secondary School suit them most, now that PSLE actually hits both P6s and Parents significantly harder than they expected due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and other safety measures including HBL, LOA, QO, etc.

So MOE, why are you doing this? Pupils are suffering really badly right now, you destroyed their motivation and hope for entering their desired Secondary School. You said you would lighten the PSLE in some sort of way, but excuse me? Also, what happened to the Pupil's Mental Health? Are you just going to ignore it although it's a big topic? This doesn’t only affect pupils, but also teachers and parents. Teachers will feel bad as they have spent so much time trying to prepare Pupils for this one Examination, and then knowing P6s will do badly after hearing or seeing P6s being disheartened about this paper. Teacher’s efforts will become a waste because of this, and parents will be worried when they see their kids being demoralized. This also brings up the problem of the N-Level English Listening Comprehension. What happened to it? Well, SEAB rejected requests for retest, despite a petition signed by more than 1600 people. 

Here's what a few of the P6s think of the PSLE this year:

Person 1, "I (P6) don't think a retest is actually necessary but from the view of some weaker pupils they (P6s) may have never even expected these types of questions and when they (P6s) did it they (P6s) may have been overwhelmed by the stress so from their (P6s) point of view they (P6s) would definitely want a retest."

Person 2, "For decades, the syllabus has been in the paper and when they give us (P6s) the unexpected, it's a little unfair. It feels like 6 years of learning in Primary School was such a waste."

Person 3, "PSLE was definitely difficult and I (P6) am 100% traumatized. PSLE is extra hard this year and SEAB is bullying (stressing) me (P6)"

And here's what a few of the society, not including P6s, think of the PSLE this year:

Person 1, "I (Society) think they (MOE / SEAB) shouldn't have made the paper so difficult, especially when almost all of the pupils have been suffering, worrying about Covid-19 as well as their academics. It's stressful because they (P6s) probably worked very very hard to strive for accuracy. But in the end, they (P6s) went home crying after the Math's Examination."

Person 2, “It’s stressing them (P6s) too much, but I (Society) really don’t like the Singapore Education System. After one exam, there is another exam, basically non-stop.”

Person 3, “The MOE sucks as usual. Even if there’s a petition, I (Society) don’t think the MOE will do anything. Remember how there’s a petition to have HBL when Covid-19 cases were increasing a few months ago? Yeah, no action was taken, even though there’s 1000 people who signed the petition.”

MOE, look at the consequences of your actions. What you did, affected Pupils, Parents and your own Teachers. 

So mainly, this is a request to MOE / SEAB for a RETEST or any other possible means that can help. Thank You.

(Entire text is mostly credited to P6s and Sec 1s)

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