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Need speed breakers near Educational Institutions

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Wednesday's incident of a speeding car knocking down two mothers and their children near a School 'X'  has raised concerns about the safety of students.

Many city schools have an arterial roads right outside their main gates and vehicles zoom past throughout the day.

While it is not possible for the schoolteachers or parents to accompany the children at all times, the question that rises is who will ensure that they are safely dropped and picked up from school?

Person A , principal of School X, stressed on the need of speed-breakers on the roads outside schools."If the school is near a junction or even on a National Highway   it is advisable to have a traffic constable or speed breakers present at all times, especially when children are entering and leaving the premises," We have requested the authorities on several occasions to take precautionary measures, such as placing speed-breakers, but the measures undertaken are temporary, leading to the same problem again and again,”

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