Close all Alberta Schools due to COVID-19 & Student and Teacher Health and Safety Concerns

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This Petition is to close all schools in Alberta during the coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak.
Closing the schools is the best choice for our children, school staff and teachers to reduce exposure to COVID-19. Our children, school staff and teachers are taking buses/transit to school every day which increases the risk and probability to contract COVID-19 due to the close proximity of other people on the transit bus/train and in school. The provincial government has decided to stop any event with more than 250 people. Hundreds to thousands of students are in each school every day; our children, school staff and teachers are in an extremely high-risk situation as there are 39 confirmed cases until March 14th and COVID-19 is spreading quickly in Alberta.
We think the alternative of having children take online classes with teachers using Skype, Zoom or any other online teaching app is a much safer approach. With today’s technologies for online instruction the children should still be able to progress academically keeping everyone safe and healthy. We believe remaining healthy is the main concern for all our children, administrative staff and teachers. We are asking you to please close the schools, have children, school staff and teachers communicate via online and remote access technologies (email, Skype, Zoom, or any other) to continue their academic instruction.