शिक्षालयमा तेस्रोलिङ्गी पहिचान कायम गरियोस्

I am a third gender. Well to say exactly I am an effeminate, a person of male sex with feminine traits. I am of male sex does not surely mean that I am of male gender. I ,whether you think request or you think demand, would never want to identify as male when I am not one. There is not third category of gender. We seriously petition the Ministry of Education, Nepal for doing this great work. Well it is just to bring minor changes which will further lead to major changes itself. Just see add only 5 alphabets in English "Other" and two letters in Nepali "अन्य". Just a small change and itself the change will lead to a great change in educational sectors, i.e. Third gender equality...

Mel Tok, Lalitpur, Nepal
7 years ago
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