Against the appointment of Abraham Weintraub to the World Bank

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The Ex-Minister of Education in Brazil, Abraham Weintraub was fired after many scandals involving Justice Ministers and Educational figures in Brazil. He is being prosecuted for crime against several prominent Judiciary personnel. In his last day as the Minister of Justice, he has dispatched an order to remove native-brazilians and blacks from being able to enter in masters and doctoral programs in public universities by canceling a law that grants their way for high education in the Country. This happens as a way the punish those that Abraham Weintraub has always persecuted and has often declared hate speech against. 

We would like to ask for your help to stop Abraham Weintraub from being promoted to occupy this leader position in such an important institution. We believe that Abraham Weintraub represents some of the most regressive voices in the political world today. Someone that has openly spoken with disrespect and hate speech against natives and black communities in Brazil should not be awarded with a compensation rise, and escape from being prosecuted by the Brazilian Justice.

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