Security for the Soldiers

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As we all know about the recent terror attack in Pulwama which is said to be the deadliest militant attack on Indian forces in Kashmir. It's not the first time that these terrorist groups have attacked Indian forces and certainly it's not going to be the last. Even if the Indian forces have the full authority to take action against them, this will be a short term measure to stop their attacks as this will only be stalling their next terror attack. 

Why take a short term measure?  Why our country only takes action when we are under these type of situations? Why not take a step which will prevent all this and no life would be at stake? 

Yes, this is possible. Terrorist groups are able to pull this off because there are moles in our system and it is difficult to remove such moles. But what the defense ministry can do is installing proper defense system for the safety of our brave soldiers. They should be provided with air support and equipments like jammers etc as a prevention strategy for these situations. There should not be any kind of window given to these terrorists and this can only happen if the security is unbreachable. The same kind of equipments used for the protection of any VVIP should be given to the soldiers who are actually putting their life on the line for our safety. 

The only thing we can do right now as the common citizen of India is to demand this from the defense ministry and we can only hope that signing this petition would bring this subject to their notice so that they can at least take some kind of preventive measure regarding this situation