Investigation of the conditions leading to hardships for our Indian BSF.

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A Country is as strong as the people serving it. And I believe nobody is serving it better than our Jawans in Border, Rainstorm, Hail, Snow, Sun they face anything and everything just so that we can reach that AC in our home securely. Everyone talks about keeping the life on the line, but they do it!!
For people who sacrifice so much for our sake, isn't it our responsibility to take proper care of their Food at the least!?
This petition is in accordance with the latest videos shared by Jawan 'Tej Bahadur Yadav' of the BSF, The food that they get is the same food a poor person on street would throw away now a days!! Is it the way to treat our brothers on the border!? Give them the proper food they deserve is all we ask, and as pointed by Tej Bahadur Yadav himself, If the Government is providing them with the proper necessities care should be taken that they reach those person it's meant for.
Amidst the fight against corruption by the Government Of India, we believe there can be no greater corruption than stealing the food from the mouths of the very people who sworn to protect you!
We urge the Government's Ministry of Defence to look into the matter and make an Investigation on it and also make proper changes so that incidents like these never happen and no soldier goes to sleep repenting his service to the country.
Jai Hind.