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Indian Government's and media's apathy towards Indian Nuclear Scientists Deaths

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Timeline of Deaths of Indian Nuclear Scientists

2004: an armed group with sophisticated weaponry allegedly tried to abduct an official from India's Nuclear Power Corporation (NPC)

2004: NPC employee, Ravi Mule murdered

June 2009: Nuclear scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam death labeled as suicide. Scientist’s body was found 5 days after death in a river and was cremated before the DNA tests were released.

Dec 2009: Umang Singh and Partha Pratim Bag young nuclear researchers at the Bhabha Atomic Research Center and both were burnt to death in a mysterious fire. forensic reports said there was nothing the room that was inflammable which indicated foul play in the case.
Feb 2010: Mahadevan Padmanabhan Iyer, an engineer at BARC, was found dead in his residence. no fingerprints or clues at crime scene, the forensics declared the cause of death “unexplained” and the investigations came to a standstill.

Feb 2010: S Ananthanarayanan, a scientist with IGCAR, after going missing for several weeks, was found dead on a railway track in Chennai.

April 2011: Body of former scientist Uma Rao was found and laveled suicide. Uma Rao never showed any signs of depressions or suicidal tendencies and her family is contested the verdict.

2012: Mohammad Mustafa, scientist at the Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam. His body was found inside his quarters at Kalpakkam.

Oct 2013: Two high-ranking engineers—KK Josh and Abhish Shivam—on India's first nuclear-powered submarine were found on railway tracks by workers. Both were poisoned first and then dragged and left to the tracks so that it looked as they met with an accident.

and many other scientists ..
Titus Pal was found hanging from the ventilators at her campus residence of BARC.She celebrated her birthday 3 days before her suicide.
Dalia Nayek, senior researcher at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, consumed mercuric chloride and died at the hospital the next day.
Tirumala Prasas Tenka working at Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, who allegedly took his own life in 2010.

There have been 197 reports of suicides by nuclear scientists in the last 15 years.

Most of these deaths are labeled suicide.If the deaths of those in the community aren't classed as suicide, they're generally labeled as "unexplained". Forensics experts say that in all such unexplained deaths of scientists and engineers involved in the nuclear program, fingerprints are absent, as also other tell tale clues that would assist the police in identifying the culprit. These indicate a high degree of professionalism behind the murders, such as can be found in top-flight intelligence agencies of the type that have been so successful in killing Iranian scientists and engineers active in that country's nuclear program. According to the Government of India, over just a three-year period, there have been at least nine unnatural deaths of scientists and engineers at just BARC as well as the Kaiga nuclear facility, of which two have been categorized as suicide, with the rest unexplained in terms of bringing to book those responsible.

The most pressing issue isn't who might be behind the murders, but that the Indian government's apathy is potentially putting their high-value staff at even greater risk. Currently, these scientists, who are crucial to the development of India's nuclear programmes, whether for energy or security, have "absolutely no protection at all, which is quite amusing for people who are in such a sensitive programme.'

An activist Chetan Kothari filed a public interest litigation in High Court. 

Kothari says - "All these deaths under mysterious circumstances clearly indicate a conspiracy by foreign hands who want to create impediments in India's nuclear programme and weaken India's security,". and adds, "The government has so far never instituted a fact-finding mission to ascertain this, turning a blind eye to this disturbing chain of events,

Pressing for the constitution of an SIT, the PIL says, 'The Government of India is certainly not taking this matter seriously, and that is both saddening and deeply disturbing from a national security perspective. As the new government is in place, it is important that this neglected issue is directed by this honourable court to be looked into very seriously by the Respondents and remedial steps must be taken forthwith'

There has been no further action by current Government. 

People to contact:
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