HAL airport should stop test flights; it's too dangerous

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Today, on Feb 1, Indian Air Force's Mirage 2000 crashed and two pilots died. As per the news report the aircraft was on an acceptance sortie after an upgrade by HAL - dangerously close to where thousands of people live and work.

It is absolutely sad that the two pilots lost their lives. While it poses a lot of questions on the quality of the upgrade and HAL's competencies, it is also a very dangerous activity to be carried out in such a densely populated area. HAL airport is located deep in a densely populated area of Bengaluru with many residences and offices in the proximity. One can only imagine the type of damage it would have caused if the aircraft had crashed in the nearby Yemalur village area. 

Ministry of Defence should not allow for experimental flying at HAL airport and these should be shifted to a more remote location along with a serious evaluation of HALs capabilities for these upgrades.