Equalisation in defence forces on the basis of MSP.

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Soldiers serves on the border in water and many more places where a common man even can’t think to reach. Everyday day in newspaper we find soldiers Martyr stories.they have such a profession where these kind of stories are likely to be witnessed.and every time you see it’s jawans who are getting martyrdom while very less no of officers.than why there’s difference in military service pay that too triple times. Jawans gets 5200/- pm and officer 15500/-pm. No doubt they are commissioned and have been through hard work to get the stripes on the shoulders. But for that they are getting the pay level/higher pay level 9 and above. They both work in a same stress level and have a prime motto to safe guard the nation from infiltration. But military service pay is being paid to them for a special sevice so on this basis there should not be any discrimination. If government doesn’t have the budget no issue don’t increase it but make it equal to all whatever 5200/- this will make the military serve better to the nation and the jawans will no feel any kind of descrimination.