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Allow secular cadets in UK Cadet Forces to take a non-religious affirmation

At present, all cadets in the British Cadet Forces have to take a promise to serve "God and the Queen, my country and flag". This includes non-religious cadets, something that is considered distasteful by such cadets as well as by some in society. Promising to serve Queen, Country and Flag is perfectly ok to most who join the Cadet Forces but to swear to serve an entity that an individual does not believe is viewed as dishonest. The Armed Forces, which the Cadet Forces are affiliated to, have long permitted non-religious members to take a non-religious affirmation of service rather than a religious oath. It is time for change.

British Cadet Forces do fantastic work in supporting the youth of the UK and help them to prepare for adult life impeccably as well as giving young people an insight into life in the Armed Forces that would not normally been seen by most. Allowing non-religious cadets to take a non-religious affirmation to serve Queen, Country and Flag is a positive step for a number of very positive organisations.

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