Request to resume two decades Old Sunday Art Classes

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Initiative by the students of the Sunday Art Classes (NGMA, Delhi) requesting the Ministry of Culture to assist in resuming Art Classes.

This petition is to request the Ministry of Culture, Government of India to resume the Sunday Art Classes at National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

Art and Culture are integral part of a society. Art nourishes the soul and facilitates development of a society. A society in which art occupies an important position, in a rich society. Therefore it is important that the Art receives continuous impetus for its growth.

Apart from private initiative, Government plays a major role in the development of Art. In this respect ,Sunday art classes, organised by a premier institution, National Gallery of Modern Art provided a wider platform to art lovers of all ages, students, working people, curators from all walks of life, age and religion to share and nurture different forms of Art. The classes were held for more than two decades which speaks volume about their popularity. The classes provided an opportunity to art enthusiasts to appreciate and nurture different forms of Art and give shape to their own definition of Art. Classes provided a platform to art enthusiasts to learn from distinguished artists and interact with fellow artists.Classes have been instrumental in developing a thought process which is the basic pillar for understanding art and eventually creating it.

Unfortunately, the classes were discontinued in 2017 abruptly. Last two Sessions in the Financial year  2017 of Six  months duration were not conducted and no intimation to students was given .what is even more saddening is the attitude of the authorities in NGMA who have not bothered to respond to the queries of the students. Repeated emails and letters have gone unanswered.

This reflects the sorry state of affairs in an institution of the statture of NGMA. 

We appeal to Ministry of Culture to resume Sunday Art Classes in National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi at the earliest and not to deprive the students of a glorious opportunity to learn Art.