No religion Option Required in India

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Religion is now the reason for all the differences, though the practice of religion was to save humanity and to uplift the morality of an Individual but things seem to be going in the wrong direction, Religion fanatics have taught religion to their followers according to their philosophical belief which is making us stubborn and rigid and this problem is getting bigger and bigger with the caste politics and by politicians.  

Humanity is the biggest religion and no religion is greater than that, as the origin of religion was only to save humanity and to develop good in us. The difference castes their rituals , beliefs and system is making hard for general citizen to live in peace and with brotherhood. There must be no column for religion separately and nationality of an individual should be treated as his or her religion. We actually don't require religion column in our school forms, college forms or any other forms our identity of being Indian is enough and being human is great.

We cant divide ourselves and our country with this religion parameters and beliefs. You may follow a religion of your own choice but when we talk about our country I Guess "Being Indian" is more than enough to represent you. This caste and religion system is shaking our roots and we are now less a human and countrymen more a Hindu -Muslim-Sikh- Christian - Jain  ..

If there be no such column a small children will understand about equality and will value their friends, they will inculcate the brotherhood feeling and will be more responsible citizen and not just responsible man of their community,  We are today sowing a seed of difference in children and only thing we will plough is hatred though we must sow love and understanding in them.   

I guess the reservation problem will also be solved too as reservation is right of all the poor's and must be given to all those who are struggling for their identity, rights and  status , we have underprivileged humans in all caste and creeds they all must get the reservation no matter which caste or religion they belong too.

Its my humble request to all to kindly favor the humanity, kindly put a full stop to the division of human's according to their caste and religion , our identity is our country, and our thoughts. Lets try to make one India, a Better India, a peaceful India, a strong India and a developed & educated India . Ask your soul a question do we actually need religion column or is our religion is identity;  if your answer is no , please demand for the same " No religion Column Required in Forms" and share this petition .. lets make India a better India and One India, let us just be Indians and Human' s