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Non payment of Salaries, Form16 & PF by Pvt. & Ltd. Co's. Govt should intervene & control.

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Registered companies (Limited and Private) that generate job opportunities for millions come under organized sector. But unfortunately, some of such companies are highly unorganized with respect to violation of company laws and not adhering to basic minimum rules laid by the constitution or laws laid under the corporate and / or labor ministry. The said companies run on their own terms and conditions and have their own flexible rules that suit their whims and wishes as per the situation thus being non compliant  to standard rules and norms .

To illustrate and qualify the statement, a company 'Prithvi Information Solutions Limited', Hyderabad is one of the existing examples. It has been experienced that the management of the company does not follow the norms of the concerned ministry(ies), India. Surprisingly the company follows all adverse and unlawful means by not paying salaries, not issuing Form 16 (Inspite of Income Tax being deducted every month from the salary), not depositing Provident fund Amount (Inspite of PF deduction every month from the salary). It is in fact beyond understanding how does the management of such companies manage to escape law by not depositing deducted amount of the employees (Income Tax and Provident Fund) with the respective authorities.

I believe and am sure there would be millions of employees who must be going thru such agony and pain. It is so pathetic that such companies have no fear of law. My heart goes out to all the victims with liabilities and family obligations at a crucial stage in their life with added sufferings and pain to those who are under medication. These are some of the factual problems which are faced by lacs of people irrespective of industry, position, sex and age they are or were into.

My humble submission and request is to give a serious thought on the petition and sign in millions so that our voice is heard and eventually acted firmly upon by the state and central governments. Today, one of us may not be victim of such inhuman act by employers but one never knows when he or she may be prey of such practice. I also request the Judiciary to take a serious note of the same and act in defined timeline (year or two). Also the concerned ministries should take a serious note of the issue and take stern action against such companies and attached authorities who are in the habit of breaking the laws with no fear at all thus giving relief to the sufferers.

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