The minimum age to be a director of a company should be decreased to 18.

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We are young India and do you know whose fan are we? You might think Salman, Hrithik, Alia, Virat … NO! We are fans of Richie Stachowksi, he started his company when he was 14, We are a fan of Mark Zuckerberg who started his company at 19. We are a fan of Ayaan Chawla he started his company at 13 and of course we are a fan of our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi, he has launched startup India scheme, we all want to come up with startups. The best age of startup today is not 21 it’s not 25, it’s not even 19, it is 15, because at 15 you think of an idea then you need 2- 3 years to build it up and all these personalities that we talked of earlier, started their career between the ages of 12 to 30. We will be very happy if more and more people become like that and we want the whole Indian ecosystem to be of startups, but, but, but do you know for a startup the best form in the vehicle is a company. Now please tell me how do we start a startup if we are not allowed to become a director of a company? If we don’t become a director of a company, how would the company be ours? Somebody else would be running it and then where is our experience? Where is the leadership? Where is the ownership? We can’t be doing business in somebody else’s company! We want to do my own business. We don’t want to be working for a company or just doing work for someone else, we want to be a director. Under section number 196 3(a) of the company’s act 2013 says, “to be a director of a company your minimum age should be 21”. I am surprised! Today if you commit a serious offense like rape at 19, then you can be hanged but at 19 you cannot become a director! Today you can marry at 19, but cannot be a director. Today you can officially vote for the next ruling party and make your own political decisions at 19, but not become a director? I would really like more and more youngsters to please join us on this petition. We want to present the petition at the ministry of corporate affairs, in order to request for a change in the minimum required age of a director from a very high age of 21 to 18 so that we all really in all sense become a “startup India” for this we will be thankful to our government. 

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