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Want to be entrepreneur ? You will never get help from MCA and ROC.

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Hello Sir,

Company name- Kalpvaig technologies LLP (13 Aug 2015)

LLP identification Number - AAE-5670

Problem - Not showing Form 3 (Asking for 45,450 Fine)

This is Akshay Singh Founder of Kalpvaig Technologies LLP and student of IMS Engineering college.
I have registered this company in 2015 and uploaded every form on time, then in march we have uploaded form 8 and there was no issue and when i tried to fill form 11, we were unable to do so. Then we started searching for problem and we get that form 3 was rejected(We never receive a mail or call or anything regarding this.).

We are just student and we are not earning 10,000 and we are supposed to pay 45,000.We have complained 2-3 times to MCA but no reasonable response, tried to talk to ROC still no response. Entrepreneurship was supposed to help student and what are we getting. We are in so trouble since then, We want to close this company now. 

Ye h aapke ache din.

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