Stop big companies like McDonald's from looting people by charging Packaging charges

Stop big companies like McDonald's from looting people by charging Packaging charges

3 February 2022
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Vineet Mathur (Ministry of consumer affairs, Government of India)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rishi Agnihotri

Has anyone ever noticed while ordering food from McDonald's or Burger King or Domino's etc., that they CHARGE SEPARATELY the Packaging charges for the food we order?

For example, try ordering food from McDonald's from Zomato or Swiggy. You will see that Rs.35 is being added along with 5%GST, as PACKAGING CHARGES.

Burger King charges Rs.33 as PACKAGING CHARGES, whereas Domino's loots the customers maximally by charging more than Rs.50 in the name of RESTAURANT HANDLING CHARGES.

At first, you all might be thinking that this is fine, since they are packaging your food nicely and sending you well packaged food. But, have you ever thought that this is their responsibility to do that. That's why, you are paying so high for a simple burger from such multinational food chains. If you don't pay the packaging charges, will they be providing the food items directly into hands?

Now secondly, go to the DRIVE-THRU lane of the same food chain, and order the same food. This time also, they will be packaging your food well, just like the same when you order through online sources. But THIS TIME, THEY AREN'T CHARGING A DIME.

Now, you must understand how such companies fool the consumers by deliberately charging separate amount of money as packaging charges when you order food online, which they never charge for the same packaging when you buy food from their Drive-Thru lanes.


Because of such malpractices by such big giant companies, food delivery at home is still costly, and is not affordable by all, because many other local restaurants and vendors follow same practices seeing such multinational counterparts doing such things with their consumers, and this rises the price of food unnecessarily.

So, I'd request all of you to come together and sign this petition so that such consumer-looting malpractices by such food chains be stopped, because even if it doesn't matter a lot to you to pay Rs 35 extra as packaging charges, it does matter a lot for many people.


Dr. Rishi

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Signatures: 41Next Goal: 50
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