The Film Industry Players want justice and urge KKMM to fire CEO FINAS and its Chairman

It has been over 30 odd years that behind the scenes freelance workers of film and tv industry has got any increment in their fees. Inflation of the country has gone more than 150% since. Lowest workers salary of maid has incresed by two fold during that period of time. The behind the scene workers plight are blatantly neglected such as working hours with no overtime pay. Not minimum time for break from between each working days, sometime only couple of hours. No EPF for old age. No outstation allowances. Pitiful lodging conditions where 4-5 ppl are cramped into a bedroom. No break-days if working on long series. And theres no overtime/extra payments for working on festival/national holidays. The list goes on. Most of the time only plights of the producers and famous retired actors are taken care of. None are concerned for behind the scenes film/tv freelance workers. On top of it, they are burdened with annual fees to their respective sector associations. But those who has bigger salaries and all the labour laws benefits and incentives working in big corporation (broadcast companies) are scot free from doing that. Hope this petition will open eyes to the people in higher ranks of the government to revise the system. A Filmworkers Union will be the only answer to this problem and solve this 3 decades long miseries of theirs. Nothing else. No negotiation with any authorities or associations can solve it. The sooner the higher echelons of the industry realise the need of it, the better. Thank you.

11 months ago
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