Make inheritance easier: Abolish need for succession certificate

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My father had passed away in an untimely manner recently, unfortunately he did not add a nominee for the postal provident fund. Now the postal authorities are unwilling to hand over his hard earned money to his heirs without a succession certificate inspite of them having a valid legal heirship certificate. 

Inspite of the painful and time consuming process of obtaining a Legal heirship certificate, this document is invalid for the Postal department. Does it make any sense when a govt. issued document is not valid for govt. agencies? Succession certificate needs to be obtained from the court. This process is lengthy and difficult and does nothing more than make the advocates employed for this purpose richer. This difficult process has to be undertaken by the family of the deceased person. Inspite of the pain that the bereaved family undergoes in the emotional, physical and financial levels, this additional layer of bureaucracy only aggravates the suffering.

This is an appeal to the Govt to abolish the need for a succession certificate. This concerns all the citizens who have postal provident fund their families and every human who believes in a just cause.