Help dental hygiene students write their National Board Exam

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Dental hygiene students need your help!
Every day, dental hygienists spend hours in close proximity to people’ mouths, polishing and cleaning teeth with tools that spray saliva everywhere. Thus making dental hygiene one of the most exposed and highest-risk professions during this pandemic.
5 weeks away from completion of our dental hygiene program at Fanshawe College and 9 weeks away from writing our National Board Exam, a pandemic struck that halted our graduation. Fortunately, we were able to complete the theory portion online, however, we are left with 36 hours of clinic to finish.  Due to many unknowns and high risks of the profession, we as students are left stranded in limbo. We have been removed the right to write the National Board Exam due to the lack of clinical completion.
We, as students, feel strongly after completing 3 years of theory minus 36 hours of clinic, competent to successfully write and pass the boards. Due to the COVID-19pandemic,many new infection control protocols need to be set in place in order for our clinic to safely re-open. Therefore, it may take months before we are able to complete our clinical portion, thus, forcing us to write our board exam in the future.  It is unfair to us students who have worked very hard to get this far in our studies to have no say in writing our board exam.
It is also unfair that not all Ontario Colleges are being treated equally.  We were told that ALL students in dental hygiene programs in Ontario Colleges must return to complete their clinical requirements prior to graduating and then permission would be granted to write the Board Exam.  Both Cambrian College and Canadore College have accredited dental hygiene programs like Fanshawe College and their students have been granted full completion of their program and are eligible to write the Board Exam despite also having 5 weeks left in the semester to complete their programs. 

We are petitioning to be eligible to write our Board Exam on July 7, 2020.