Support Me From Being Victimised By GoAir

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Need your intervention  and help. I have knocked every door and at last I come to you. GoAir and Make My Trip is punishing for a mistake that we haven't made. We have requested and pleaded them many times but they have intended to make their business at the loss of the customer/passenger.
Seven of us will be traveling on 28th December and return on 3rd January 2019, but only one name has correctly come out in the tickets issued. Rest all the names mentioned in the tickets has no connection with our first names. All are very weird names. So there is no chance that we did a spelling mistake at our end while entering the passenger details and confirming it. We have been traveling and booking tickets for a long long time and its not that we are doing it for the first time. At the same time I also agree that the mistake might not be from their end too. Our travel plans are for sure and we do not want to cancel our holiday only because of this tickets issue.
How a customer has to be blamed and compensate for the technology error? There should be a room to attend special requests on a case to case basis. I don't disregard the norms and policies set but at the same time they should be sensitive enough to resolve an issue where we actually have nobody at fault or negligence and we have every proof to ensure that the one's who booked the tickets will be travelling.
Why a customer has to pay Rs.48000 for the fault if the computer. I have no control over the error made by the server or system. Why not MMT and GoAirline also take some responsibility. We are asked to cancel and rebook which is costing us a lot. This is for a mistake we haven't done. The Airline can easily correct the names and everything is in their hands. We as a family are being mentally tortured and harassed.
 They should not raise your hands and say "we can't do anything". They should do everything to save  relationship with a customer to gain their trust.

What I want to say is take ownership. I believe, I know my name well and will not make a mistake in such a drastic and pathetic way. If it's "Soma", by mistake I can do "Sona" not "sdsg". So, it's clear that it's not customers fault. If it's technology error then all three parties should suffer the loss, or make arrangements to make us travel in the same tickets by issuing applicable letters from all concerned authorities or completely waive off the amount. That's what I call customer retention.
As a human rights professional, and a responsible citizen of India I have no intention to bother you unnecessarily or to demand something where I know I am at fault. But in this case, we are NOT AT FAULT by any means. PLEASE HELP US.
Here are some of the details:
Flight PNR:AEHKSB(28th December 2018)
Flight PNR:W3T9RI(3January 2019

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