Airline cancellation charges are very steep and against customer interest. Pls Change it

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Airlines charge steep cancellation charges which is monopolistic and anti customer. Post cancellation they still get revenue for fresh booking. The client looses hoto 90% of amount paid when ever he cancels even if 1 month prior the date of travel.

I booked tickets for my family (3 adults and 1 child) but due to some error while booking got wrong dates. When I wanted to reschedule or cancel the prices were beyond logic. I paid 24528 for 4 tickets (round trip) and post cancellation got 3958 as refund. One error erased my 6 months savings. Govt is enabling this industry to thrive and surve people but this is commercial criminalization if passengers are fleeced. Date of travel was 11th Aug and cancellation done on 20th July. 21 days ahead of travel and still airlines charged 20570.

Is this fair? If it is a last minute cancellation, understandable that charges will be high. Also cancellation is requested immediately after booking as it was an error. I booked through and within minutes of booking informed them of the same. 

Request all to support and seek change in airline policies which can be customer friendly