Full Refund from Airlines and Not Credit Shell account

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People had booked airline tickets for travel from March onwards and unable to travel due to lockdown because of COVID-19 and Airlines instead of refunding the money are creating Credit Shell accounts which is injustice to the consumers. According to them it would be valid for a year to Travel. But if i don't have any plans to travel i loose that money. why should i? also If i say plan to travel at a later date they will not issue me the ticket with the same amount as Credit Shell amount on same sector. We will have to pay the difference amount. Also if we try to reschedule for later date, we will have to pay the rescheduling charges. So who is benefiting from this whole Credit Shell thing. Its a win win situation for the airline and not for the consumer. I as a consumer seek full refund when IRCTC can do and refund the full amount whats the problem with Airline.