Allowing all International flights to India with only Indian Passport holders

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Evacuation exercise of Indian Government -

As of now only Air India has started evacuating stranded Indians from abroad countries but it may take months together with this limited flights comparing more than about ten lacs Indians want to return. Many Indians lost job and suffering with family for pushing the days with commitment of rent payment and others. Even in social groups we are seeing many requests for financial help by those and many cases of pregnant girls with one kid already and both husband and wife lost jobs. They lost insurance coverage also and some news about house owners inviting tenants to share the bed  to set off rent. The cost of evacuation by Air India is more than double the normal charges inspite of carrying passengers from India (feed back received from first batch reached India and also about uncleaned seats without any social distance )  and many have already booked their tickets with other International carriers and left with no money,  to book with Air India again and for 14 days compulsory quarantine in Hotels with which  many States have tied up.  If the situation continues for another two weeks, we can hear many Indians  suicides/deaths also in abroad since many are in mental agony. 

More over many issues of landing in different states in India and again transportation amidst state to state zone restrictions will add fuel to fire. Also Air India is operating flights only from major airports in all countries and again local transport/flight from residence to boarding airport ( in USA east coast to west coast) adds risk of virus infection. 
Hence it is better to allow all International flights to operate with only Indian Passport holders with less cost and moreconvenient, since many have already booked. Within two weeks all stranded Indians can reach their native place with less strain according to their plan with more comforts. 

Soundararajan R