Ministry of Children and Families: Revised legislation to abolish legalized 'child abduction' in Canada

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Ministry of Children and Families: Revised legislation to abolish legalized 'child abduction' in Canada

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Katherine Marion started this petition to Representative for Children and Youth B.C. (Mary-Ellen Tillford -Lafonde) and

It is vital to stop the laundering of monies made by a governemt that uitizes its precious children for profits; under the legal disguise of "apprehension" for 'the sake of the child.'

Thousands of innocent children are stolen away from their loving pareents, yearly The courts are filled with single mothers, native fathers, and ignorant immigrants; - considered to be of a lower economic bracket, essentially - powerfless to fight the 'powerful' and pervasive stytem. Thus, the target are those who are deemed weakest. In reality - the most vulnerable groups of citizens .. are hurt, the worst. A light must be shone on those who are allowing these 'Nazi tactics,;' to persist and be perpetuated. These broken-hearts .. seldom repair. And, inadvertently, even tiny infants taken away at birth, are most prone to become drug addicts, prostitutes, and abusers.. abused by a government that makes use of it's blessed own for it's multi-billion dollar profiteering racket. Inhumane. This goes against the rights of our civil liberties and only promotes personal opression and a lingering malaise; materilizing in the form of a societal depression, at large. Thus, let the few .. do the most they can to make and " be the change,' they want to see in this wounded world- now healing.



Right now, my son is being brain-washed to believe that he must not even see his own Mother. At age 17 , he was sent to live with his birthdad who never supported him, all of his years. For the past months; this delinquent person . has been paid with ministry monies to keep a child away from his mom. 

Next, Greg Lee and Gary .. have planned to move Kaeliin to a run down section of the downtown lower eastside; where predator's seek out young,innocent males such as my son. 


It is a known fact that most suvivors or foster homes, seldom thrive.

My son is not a typical story. 

Nor am I

Our story must be shared

Which is why this covert operation has been ensuing.  

Sully the reputation of the omnipotent Mother to a rebellious teen who acts out to the person he trust most - his Mom.

Thus abandoning his responsibility to mother, self, home, and new puppies. 

Put him in a school that he was never interested in attending . Tell him that he will be taken if he goes back to his mother - as told .. on Oct 31st by Car 86'r whom my son had never met, in his life. Nor had I. That is when i first heard that ministry worker's dirty threats' .... in front of a police officer and more. 

My son must be free to make his own personal choices. Not under the pretext of protecting him .. after online 'rapes' of various vagaries .. that worker Sandra Menker knew of .. the last few years we trusted and entrusted her ; with our truth, our scares, and our PTSD that was becoming more and more apparent .. with my son acting out in ways .. that could and can easily be dealt effectively .. once the ministry that never supported my son or his mother .. leaves us to regain our bond and be left to love and live - in Peace. 


Grateful as any hurt and healing Mother of an only child that is anyone's gift .. could ever be,


Katherine Marion


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This petition had 76 supporters

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