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Children begging or women begging with an almost always un concious child in their arms is such a common sight in cities. But what we don't realize is this might be an industry in itself with people planning things and recruiting other people and horrific of all, renting babies, who are then given a sedative and carried in arms by women pretending to be the baby's mother. Whats even more threatening is that these babies may also be from well off families whose working parents leave the child with the nanny, who then rents out the baby to the begging mafia criminals.  All of this to elicit a feeling of sympathy, which will force the onlookers to donate a few bucks to the helpess looking mother. Isn't this child labor?

This has to stop. It won't unless we collectively raise our voice against this crime masquerading as just an ill effect of poverty. 

I request you to sign this petition so that the message reaches our lawmakers and they formulate a policy treating child begging equal to child labor. As child labor is banned, child begging should also be banned.