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Children have a voice. Do something when they ask for help. Don't just standby

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My name is Briana Berardinelli. I am turning 18 this year. My little brother Dante is 14 this year. Him and I have been through quite a lot since we were kids but what you are about to read is probably the worst. First you will read what my brother has to say about it. He wrote this himself.

"This is for my mom.
If you see this know that I mean every word.

Hi my name is Dante, almost 14 years old, my mom left to go do some cocaine in a garage .
She rather spend time with Snow White then to go out and get a job.
When she did have a job she would bitch and complain.
"She's putting too much pressure on me."
Mom get a fucking grip, life ain't fun. If it was everything would be okay. No poverty, no wars, no abuse.

I love my mom, but I don't respect her

I love my mom, but I wouldn't choose her

I love my mom, but she's a bitch

You know mom that we're on the topic of abuse, let's discuss some times were you hit me.

Now take a seat because you might faint hearing the things you don't want to believe.

You hit me repeatedly because I had to raise my voice since you didn't hear me.

You hit me repeatedly for defending my sister and trying to break up a fight. ( I also had a test in the morning )
You pushed me to the point where I went suicidal.

But you don't care no more, your stuck inside your dreams in fairy land.

I love my mom, but I don't respect her

I love my mom, but I wouldn't choose her

I love my mom, but she's a bitch.

Gone for over two months, now that's messed up, especially when you have two children, Brianna and Dante. Who need food, running water, love and affection. And some clothes on the back so they can go places go to school without being called weird, or smell funny.

Why did you leave for two months, my accusation is that you went out for two months to go snort Coke with your friends. Being a whore... but hey what do I know? I'm only a 14-year-old that's already seen too much that any 14-year-old should ever see.

I love my mom, but I don't respect her

I love my mom but, I wouldn't choose her

I love my mom, but she's a bitch

And whoever reads this or heard of the situation remember this. If you have children make sure you love them and have affection for them because my mom never did."

Now from my side of the story. My mom and I used to be inseparable, I told her everything, she was my rock. We moved when I was 15 into a small town, things started out great at first then things got rough. My mom got hard into cocaine. She would sleep with older men to get it for free and do sexual favours for whomever would give it to her. In teen slang we call that a 'coke whore'. My mom changed when she got hard into the drugs, her attitude completely switched and she refused to seek help. My mom started beating my brother and I. I can recall a day that we fought and she charged at me. My mom was punching me and grabbing me,throwing me all over the place so I fought back. I kicked her off of me and when I did that she charged at me again,only this time grabbing me by my collar so tight I couldn't breathe. She ran out the door and told me I'd better be gone when she got back. I left in tears,covered in bruises and scratches from her. Anytime my brother or I tried to fight back when she would charge at us she would tell people we abused her and that she never laid a hand on us when we were covered in bruises. My old neighbour recalls her screaming at me saying how she wanted to punch me in the face and that I'd better go into my room or leave before she hit me. My neighbour came over right as he heard that and she stormed out. 

I tried calling the cops for help when she had left my brother and I for over two months and all they could do was call facs. I told the officer how she beat us and left us with no food or money for food when she left I needed them to put her away in rehab or jail for what she did and there was nothing they could do because she wasn't there. I told them who she was with, her boyfriend at the time was a wanted criminal and the police knew where he lived.  They did nothing and facs can only take us away from her. I sent my brother to his fathers house. As soon as I did that my mother locked me out of the house. She had come back when I was at school. I came home to a locked door, I had nowhere to go. Months later here I am with a full time job and my own place working on myself.

Facs and Police couldn't help my brother and I. What if one day this happens to someone else, to kids who don't have father's present like myself. I don't want to see this happen to anyone else. I want you to sign our petition. I aim for children to have more of a voice and for children to receive help when they are begging for help. Child Aid Services and the Police need to help children when they ask for it. Don't let this happen to other children. I called facs, I called police and still got no help. Change society and sign our petition so this doesn't happen to any other. 

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